Selected Reviews/Publications


           THE NEW HAVEN REGISTER:  “All Things Biblio Illuminate “Library Science” at Artspace” 

            Donna Doherty, January 14, 2012

            NEW HAVEN INDEPENDENT:  “Dewey Decimal Didn’t Die”

            Joshua Mamis, November  25, 2011

           THE NEW YORK TIMES: “Many Views With A Shared Sense of Place”

            Benjamin Genoccio, July 26, 2009


           LONG ISLAND NEWSDAY : “Island Landscapes, But Not The Usual”

           Steve Parks, July 3, 2009

           WILLIAMSBURG/GREENPOINT NEWS+ARTS:  “Trent’s Top 5 Area Gallery Picks”

           Trent Morse, October 2008


           LONG ISLAND NEWSDAY:  “ Long  Island Art League Puts Nature In Focus”

           Aileen Jacobson, December 23,2007




           THE NEW YORK TIMES: “Islip Show Sets Sail on a Metaphor”

            Helen Harrison, August 21, 2005

           THE NEW YORK TIMES:  “For These Artists, The Raw Material Is Close To Home”

            Helen Harrison, March 26, 2004

           THE NEW YORK TIMES:  “All About the Delicacy and Energy of the Line”

            Helen Harrison, November 3, 2003


         ADDICT MAGAZINE – Creative Labs, Belgium, “Liquid”  Summer Issue, 2002


          ADDICT MAGAZINE – Creative Labs, Belgium, “13”  Summer Issue, 2001




         THE NEW YORK TIMES:  “Visual Ideas: Conceptual Works II”

         Phyllis Braff, February 6, 2000

        THE NEW YORK TIMES:  “Winter Group Show”

         Phyllis Braff, January 9, 2000

       THE NEW YORK TIMES: “A Wave of Abstraction in Painting and Sculpture”

        Phyllis Braff, September 5, 1999

        THE NEW YORK TIMES: “The Intellectual Translated into the Visual: Conceptual Works I”

        Phyllis Braff, January 24, 1999

        THE NEW YORK TIMES: “Celebrating Diversity”

         Phyllis Braff, December 13, 1998


        CHRIS COFFIN: "Tracing Time's Irreversibility"

       Hilde VanGelder, Professor of Art History, University of Leuven, Belgium


       THE NEW YORK TIMES: “28 Long Island Artists”  

        Helen Harrison, December 21, 1997

       LONG ISLAND NEWSDAY: “In Nostalgia and Nature”

       Julia Szabo, February 14, 1997

       THE NEW YORK TIMES:  “Landscapes of Mind and Nature”

       Helen Harrison, February 3, 1997

       THE NEW YORK TIMES: “Black & White”

       Phillis Braff, January 14, 1996

      THE NEW YORK TIMES:  "Drawings"

       Phillis Braff, January 1, 1995     

      THE NEW YORK TIMES: "Carriage House Installations"

       Helen Harrison, September 18, 1994

      THE NEW YORK TIMES: "Gorky's Influences on a 40 Year Career and 5 Concerned with Current Topics"

       Helen Harrison, May 9, 1993

       LONG ISLAND NEWSDAY:  "A Lively Celebration of the Abstract Form"

       Elizabeth Wix, July 1992

       GLEN COVE RECORD PILOT:  “Beneath the Surface at Discovery Gallery”

       Barbara Fitzgerald, July 23,1992